Skate Punks For Pussies And Prostates

There is a benefit show for The Canadian Cancer Society coming up November 2nd at Coalition in Toronto. Here is brief statement about the benefit written by the organizers.

Cancer is evil. Over the past year I have had a handful of friends lose their battle to cancer. I have had friends lose their family and friends to the terrible disease. I’ve had this show planned for some time now and someone mentioned “Movember” recently so I figured since it’s November I would make this a cancer benefit show, however, men are not the only ones who have their reproductive systems targeted by Cancer so we will be donating the proceeds for ovarian cancer as well as prostate cancer. 
The ticket price is a little inflated in an effort to raise a larger donation to the Canadian Cancer Society. Your attendance and promotion of this event will be greatly appreciated, and there are some fuckin awesome bands who will be excited to entertain you at one of the best punk rock venues in the city.